Put the Power in Your Hands with Backup and Portable Honeywell Generators

If the power goes out in your neighborhood, it takes a home generator to keep your household appliances functioning as usual until power is restored. Instead of buying a generator from a Big Box store, contact a local Home Air Experts contractor. These locally trusted dealers have a full line of Honeywell generators for you to choose from, and they’re ready to whatever it takes to set you up with a generator that best suits your needs.

Honeywell Generators

The Advantages of Going with a Honeywell Generator through Home Air Experts

  • Home Air Experts technicians can provide you with one-stop service for technical, electrical, service and repair, and gas line work concerning the installation and maintenance of a home generator.
  • Home Air Experts technicians have the training and experience to better answer your technical questions about generators.
  • Honeywell automatic standby generators come with a full 5-year parts and labor warranty, while most Big Box models usually come with warranties of only 2 or 3 years, and sometimes only limited warranties at that.
  • The Big Box price is usually for the unit only, and does not include additional fees on services such as site visits and electrical and gas line work.
  • Honeywell models operate more quietly than their competitors, with dBA ratings as low as 57.
  • Honeywell home generators are made of non-rusting aluminum enclosures, as compared to the steel construction of many competitors, which tends to rust over time.
  • Honeywell models have facia kits for a better aesthetic appeal and to keep insects from building homes underneath.
  • Only Honeywell home generators have remote-monitoring capabilities, via the Sync™ 2.0 controller and connection with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Honeywell home generators also have an external status indicator, which will let you know if the unit is ready to go next time the power at home goes out.
  • Honeywell models are fire- and wind-resistance rated, while products from brands like Kohler are not.

If you want the most advanced home generator on the market, look to Honeywell products, as provided by local Home Air Experts.

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