Smart Home Integration

At Bryant Home Air Experts, we do whatever it takes to connect homeowners with trusted heating and cooling contractors for all indoor air comfort needs including full smart home integration. The Bryant dealers that we partner with and recommend are well-versed and trained in the latest smart home technology that gives you complete control over your home comfort systems from any wireless device. Full smart home integration not only makes controlling your home simple, easy to learn and available on-the-go, but gives you even more control of the energy used in your home, and the amount of money spent on monthly energy bills.

Home Energy Usage

Heating and Cooling Energy Audits

Smart home integration starts with the heating and cooling energy audit process. To ensure that the entire smart home system is cohesive, one of our recommended Bryant dealer technicians performs a complete check of your current energy situation in the home.

A complete energy audit includes the following:home energy audits

• Identifying Hot and Cold Spots in the Home

• Finding Weak Insulation Points

• Pinpointing Duct, Wall, and Attic Leaks

• Assessing the Overall Energy Consumed By Heating and Cooling Systems

The above energy audit inspection points – coupled with an energy audit of your heating and cooling systems – paints an overall picture of the energy usage and loss in the home and creates a list of all points that need to be addressed, fixed and improved to be able to create a synchronous and complete smart home integration.

Wireless Smart Thermostats

wifi thermostatThe control panel and central core of a whole smart home integration, the latest line of Bryant smart thermostats are integral in creating a smart home with total control over energy expenditures, savings, and heating and cooling trends. With a digital interface, these smart thermostats are incredibly easy to learn how to use – even for those who do not consider themselves tech savvy – even easier to operate, and will start to show you your energy savings within the first month.

All of the heating and cooling experts that we partner with are highly trained in the installation and programming of Bryant brand smart thermostats including the Bryant Housewise smart thermostat – the top-rated and most sought-after smart thermostats today.

Heating and Cooling System Zoning

HVAC zoning systemHave you ever considered closing the heating and cooling vents to rooms you do not use often, or to rooms and areas of the house that are used for storage and not for living areas, in an attempt to lower your energy used and ultimately increase the savings on monthly bills? Unfortunately, these attempts do not work with a central air conditioning and heating system, as a central system does not realize what you are attempting to do, and instead works just as hard to keep the “entire house” or grid at comfortable temperatures. Instead, a “smart” home system with heating and cooling zoning actually is smart enough to recognize your attempts through the smart thermostat technology coupled with a zoned system.

Zoned heating and cooling systems use a series of air handlers in the various rooms that can be controlled independently of one another. These air handlers are powered by a main central unit that is often installed outside of the home to lower noise within the home. These super-quiet air handlers are pumped with pre-treated coolant from the main unit, which in-turn makes the air handlers work as miniature heating and cooling systems in each specified room (or zone). With greater control over each zone in your home, the smart system can tailor heating and cooling trends for maximum comfort and minimum energy usage. Coupling all points of a zoned system with the smart control of a digital smart thermostat in an energy audited and improved home allows your home to complete all points of a smart home integration, and allow the energy savings to be manipulated, tracked, and reported to you via the smart thermostat itself.

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