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Did you know…

Bryant Air Purifiers are the ONLY Systems that Kill Germs and Viruses in the Home

Bryant Air Purifiers are the only air purifiers on the market legally able to state that they kill germs, bacteria, fungi and endotoxins etc, that negatively affect your family’s health. Others can only claim to collect them, but when you go to clean their systems you are directly exposed to them as they have only been collected and not killed. With other systems, you have to wash the system every 6 months and rub 84 pinpoints of the their ionizing grid with a styrofoam peanut. With the Air Purifier all you have to do every year is pop off the cover, pull out the old filter which has collected everything that has been killed and then pop in the new filter. Quick Easy and Safe!

Virus Kill Rate
Human Influenza 99%
Avian Influenza 99.9%
Human cold virus surrogate 99.9%
Influenza Wild Type A 99%
Coronavirus (SARS) 99.9%
Morbillivirus (Measles) 99.9%
Vaccinia (Smallpox surrogate) 99.9%

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