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Air Conditioning

Bryant has been manufacturing high-quality air conditioners for over one hundred years. As a leading brand in the world of heating and cooling, Bryant air conditioners promise excellent performance, reliability and energy efficiency. With a range of models to fit everyone’s cooling needs, Bryant offers air conditioners at great value for any price range.

Evolution® Series Air Conditioners

The Evolution® Series of air conditioners are Bryant’s premier comfort systems, with exceptionally low sound ratings and high efficiency ratings. These air conditioners are powerful enough to overcome extreme temperatures without strain so that you enjoy consistent comfort year-round.

Air conditioning efficiency is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The Department of Energy requires that air conditioners manufactured after 2005 achieve a minimum rating of 13 SEER, and a rating of 14.5 SEER in order to quality for ENERGY STAR. Bryant’s Evolution® Series air conditioners all have potential SEER ratings of 16 or higher, while the 189BNV and 180B models achieve truly impressive SEER performance of up to 19 and 21 respectively.

Higher energy efficiency can translate to significant energy savings for your home. When old air conditioners are replaced by Evolution® Seriesair conditioners, Bryant estimates that your cooling costs may drop by as much as 35 to 55 percent.

Sound ratings for the Evolution® series range from 70 decibels to as low as 56 decibels.

Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners

Bryant’s midrange line of air conditioners fits into the Preferred™ Series. These air conditioners feature potential energy efficiency between 13 and 17 SEER while offering consistent and reliable comfort. Some models in the Preferred™ Series offer efficient cooling performance in ultra-compact units ideal for multifamily housing or for installation on rooftops or decks.

The Preferred™ Series range of air conditioners features one model with a two-stage compressor and four models with single-stage compressors. Two-stage compressors offer greater energy efficiency and humidity control, while singe-stage compressors allow you to save money without sacrificing comfort.

The sound rating for the Preferred™ series range from 66 to 74 decibels.

Legacy™ Line Series Air Conditioners

The Legacy™ Line series of air conditioners are all about value, providing impressive cooling at an affordable price. The air conditioners in this series all feature single-stage compressors, and have energy efficiency ratings ranging from 13 to 16 SEER. These models offer premium quality and reliability for customers on a tight budget. The Legacy™ Line can also be a smart choice for homeowners in very moderate climates, where the financial benefits of an extremely energy efficient system are much smaller because energy bills are so much lower overall.

Contact Your Local Dealer to Find the Perfect Bryant Air Conditioner

Your recommended local Bryant dealer and contractor can help you to select the series and model of air conditioner that is perfect for you. Experienced Bryant dealers will consider your climate, budget and comfort preferences to identify the model that meets your air conditioning needs at the right price.