HVAC Maintenance vs home warranty

Should I Get an HVAC Maintenance Plan or a Home Warranty?

When you purchase a new HVAC system, you may be wondering whether to invest in a maintenance plan or a home warranty. Home warranties often have more restrictions and offer less service. Warranties address problems after they arise but don’t provide maintenance to help avoid these problems. With a maintenance system, however, you can get yearly inspections and checkups, and when your system does encounter a problem, service is generally same day.

1. HVAC Checkups and Cleaning

Yearly inspections and cleanings can help keep your HVAC system running smoothly, but home warranties don’t offer this service. Additionally, many home warranties won’t cover repairs if the system hasn’t been properly maintained. With a home warranty, all cleanings and checkups are left to the homeowner instead of a qualified professional. Homeowners with maintenance plans get routine cleanings every six months, so the maintenance is handled by the company instead of the owner.

2. Discounts on Parts and Repairs

While home warranties often require the homeowner to pay a deductible in order to provide service, an HVAC maintenance plan covers service and parts at discounted prices. This means that not only are you covered for service without paying a deductible, but also that you will get this service at a better price. Home warranties generally have limits on what they will fix, since it is in their best interest not to provide service, but this isn’t an issue with the maintenance plans.

3. Lower Utility Bills

Home warranties offer service once a problem arises, but with a maintenance plan, your HVAC system can get regular tuneups that will help prevent problems. These tuneups can keep your system running smoothly, which saves on your electricity bill. Studies show that a unit can maintain up to 95 percent original efficiency when it gets regular tuneups.

4. Priority Scheduling

HVAC maintenance plans generally give you priority when you’re in need of service. This means you won’t have to wait in line for a qualified technician to come to your home. As a member of the maintenance plan, you will most likely get same-day service. With home warranties, on the other hand, you may have to wait a long time before a technician can make it out to your home.

5. Trustworthy Service

When you have a home warranty, you can’t choose your repair company, and warranty contractors usually try to make above what the warranty company pays them. An HVAC maintenance plan allows you to work with technicians you trust, so you won’t have to worry about contractors trying to charge you above what is needed for their own benefit.

HVAC maintenance plans and home warranties differ in the coverage they provide. When you choose a maintenance plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that service and support is available without red tape and complications.

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