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Earth Destruction

Why Different Cultures Have Conflicting Views on the Environment, Particularly Regarding Climate Change

Out of 40 nations that were polled in a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, most considered climate change a serious problem. Over 50% considered it a very serious problem. So, the good news is that across the globe, nations are decidedly in agreement about the impact that humans are having on Mother Nature. There’s bad […]

Extreme Weather & Air Quality

Extreme Weather Can Affect the Air In Your Home

In recent years, scientists across the world have issued warnings about the increase in extreme weather systems that will accompany large-scale climate change. Most of these warnings have dealt with the big picture, but did you know that current changes in global weather patterns can have a significant effect on the air inside your home? […]

Humidifier for your allergies

Humidifiers Can Help Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Humidifiers are electrical appliances that increase the amount of moisture in the air. Humidifiers are sometimes used in hospitals to help relieve patients with lung and breathing difficulties, and they can also be used at home to relieve distress from allergies and colds. Humidity Soothes Symptoms and Helps Expel Allergens The symptoms of allergic rhinitis, […]

The history of air conditioning

The History of Air Conditioning: How Your Grandparents Stayed Cool

Today, the vast majority of American homeowners use an air conditioning system to keep their indoor environment cool and comfortable in hot weather. But did you know that the situation was much different just 50 years ago? Let’s take a brief look back at the history of AC development in the last century and beyond. […]

Mold in Commercial HVAC System

Stop Mold Growth in Your Business HVAC System

When mold becomes a problem for your business, your HVAC system is often the source of the trouble. HVAC systems can not only contribute to mold growth themselves but also transport mold spores throughout your building. Mold thrives in warm and damp conditions, with access to ready food sources such as drywall, carpeting or wood. […]